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Welcome to the world of Albart, the lovable mascot of the crypto community! Just like his namesake from Euro 2024, Albart is here to bring joy, excitement, and a whole lot of fun to the world of cryptocurrency.

Albart is not just any ordinary meme coin; he's the heart and soul of a vibrant community of crypto enthusiasts. With his cheerful demeanor and mischievous grin, Albart embodies the spirit of adventure and innovation that defines the crypto landscape.




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Albärt Whale Watch

Introducing Albart WhaleWatch, your crypto tracking sidekick on Telegram! Just like Albart the mascot, Albart WhaleWatch brings excitement and smart insights to your crypto journey. It monitors big buys from crypto whales and sends instant alerts to your group, keeping you ahead of the game. Stay informed and make savvy moves with real-time updates. Add Albart WhaleWatch to your Telegram and ride the waves of the crypto ocean with Albart!

1st Utility

Albärt Ai Bot

Meet Albart AI Bot, your crypto companion on Telegram! Just like Albart the mascot, Albart AI Bot is here to bring fun, excitement, and helpful insights to your crypto journey. Whether you need quick updates, expert advice, or a friendly chat, Albart AI Bot is ready 24/7. Add Albart AI Bot to your Telegram and experience the ultimate blend of crypto knowledge and engaging conversation!

2nd Utility

Phase 1


Pre-Launch Marketing

Launch on Solana

Burn LP/ Revoke Mint

Phase 2

1,000 Holders

Socials Update on Dexc/Dext

Listings CG/CMC


Phase 3

5.000 Holders

Community Comps

CEX Listings


Phase 4

10,000 Holders

Utility Bots

T1 CEX Listings



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Ready to join the wildest crypto party in town? Jump aboard the Albart train and join our merry band of meme enthusiasts! With Albart, it's all about laughs, memes, and making crypto history. So come on, join the fun and let's rocket to the moon together!